I just realized that this blog has got 750 followers so far! Thank you all very much for reading, it means so much to me :)


Silhouette of Gamla Stan at night

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View to Gamla Stan (Old Town) from Skeppsholmen Island

View from Slussen to Gamla Stan


Lazy afternoon

Just a sunny moment from Skansen

Anonymous said: It is wonderful you are back!! Thank you so much for the new pic! Best regards from Spain, Sonia.

Thank you for caring, dear:) i don’t have a lot of free time at the moment, but i’ll do my best to keep the blog alive:)

This pic is for you :) (it’s from Stockholm cafe, made by me)


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galetsveirge said: Efter hans underbara Tumblr.


Anonymous said: I miss your posts about Stockholm. Look at the photographs was the first thing I did every morning. Will you come back?- Best regards from Spain.

Oh, thank you so much for such kind words, my heart is melting right now!) I have got some issues in my personal live throughout the spring so this blog has been abandoned. But I am going to come back in couple of weeks and start it again, I promise. Thank you for caring :) it means a lot for me!