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My dear friends!

I never believed it would happen, but I realized that FY-Stockholm got 1000 followers so far :)
it’s unbelievable and makes me so happy:) thank all of you for following, liking & sharing my posts.

Hope this blog will bring more joy to your lives :)
Tack så mycket, kära vänner!

Stortorget ❤️

quiteunextraordinaryy said: Your blog is soo, soo amazing! I visited Stockholm last June and looking at your the pictures here, I feel happy bc i was there, it was dream and then it happened I walked these streets and saw these beautiful buldings with my own eyes. But then I see all those other places I didn't get to see and feel a bit sad. I hope I can go back to Stockholm one day soon and then see more of it, beacuse you simple can't have enought of this beautiful City. Love from Mexico :).

Thank you very much Nancy! :)
Could not agree more - Stockholm is a dream city, when you are walking through its streets, you hear its vibes, you dream, you feel… More you come, more you want to come again, because it is never enough.
I wish you to visit Stockholm again sooner or later. Hope this blog will help you while you are waiting for this trip :)

Anonymous said: Why are some kids in Stockholm so popular? The ones with colorful hair and clothes, I see they always go to an event or something but they are like idols. It's kind of amazing!

Honestly, I have no idea what I have to answer)) they are popular just because they are notable, I suppose;) do you or don’t you like them?

Royal Palace and Riddarholmskyrkan at early evening.

Gröna Lund amusement park at night

Stockholm BW